Photo by Hermione Hodgson

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I'm an Interior Designer based in Hackney, East London.

I spent over ten years managing major projects in the public sector, including work on the 2012 Olympic Games. As a result I have an astute eye for budgets and a keen attention to detail.

During that time I also gained loads of experience refurbishing property - some good, some bad. I know what it’s like to have a job and no time to manage builders. I’ve sat in an office pretending to work whilst dealing with a crisis on site. And I know how the excitement of choosing furnishings can wane when faced with the relentless decision making required to keep a project on track.

I believe that interior design can be completely transformative: making a space work for the way you live, crafting surroundings which give rest and energy, choosing furnishings which reflect who you are. I also know that it can be time-consuming and stressful.

I completed Interior Design training at Central St Martins and set up my business in 2015 with the aim of supporting you through the renovation process. To help you make the right design decisions. To be on site when you can’t. To obsess over the details and keep track of the budget so you don’t have to. To deliver a space which feels exactly you.

I work with a team of skilled builders and other specialist trades, as well as architects, structural engineers, building control surveyors, party wall surveyors, photographers, stylists and a wide network of suppliers.

Katy is a brilliant interior designer, deftly melding the contemporary and the very old. She gets the balance between restoring original features and injecting modern design elements perfectly. Her background in project management is a huge bonus.
— Hannah Bullivant, Stylist
Not only do you want to work with someone whose taste you trust, you want to work with someone who actively strives to understand you: I had a lot of my own ideas, and not only did Katy embrace them, she actively encouraged them, which was great to find. Her rates were fair, and her knowledge and sourcing were efficient and fantastic (not just finding the best workmen, but also the nicest!)
— D. Wilson, Client
Katy’s working methods and ethos for her own home & those she is creating for others are of such high standard. She’s a great person to work with, fun and professional.
— Kristy Noble, Photographer
Katy completely renovated a very tired, dark, shabby house belonging to my son, who was out of the country and difficult to get hold of. This meant she had to work hard to get decisions agreed, which she did with great tenacity and diplomacy, finding exactly the right balance between making her own suggestions while respecting his preferences. She negotiated with contractors and tirelessly nagged suppliers so that not only did the project come within budget but it was also finished in the time agreed. The result is a beautiful light, airy home with wonderful design touches and the most fabulous kitchen ever. I would happily recommend Katy to anyone.
— J. Hopkins, Client

KSB portrait by Hermione Hodgson. Interior photos by Kristy Noble.