My enduring memory of faux flowers is the pink silk carnations which my Nan used to have in her sitting room.  To my eight year old self they were the height of sophistication, but by the time I was old enough to buy my own (which only ever seemed to be sold in garden centres and the “granny” sections of large department stores) it was clear they were actually pretty naff. 

But fauxs are now cool!  No longer do silk flowers mean cheap shiny petals blobbed with glue attempting to pass itself off as fresh dew.  Slowly but surely beautiful and realistic stems and branches have been appearing in interiors stores, the most enticing of which is Abigail Ahern’s log cabin at Heals (Tottenham Court Road), which is filled with the most amazing hydrangeas, peonies, roses, ferns and foliage, along with desert grasses and cacti.

There's a snobbishness with fake flowers because in the past they were so, well, cringingly fake. But it's time to challenge those out-dated perceptions, take the plunge and invest in some beautiful blooms.  I'll see you there!