I’ve been very busy recently with several projects on the go and various other plates spinning. Some days I’m running all over town and feel like I’m conquering the world. Other days I desperately miss the reassurance and guidance which comes from working as part of a bigger machine.  So to make myself feel better I took a deep breath and made a list of everything I’ve accomplished in the last year.  Here goes…

  • I completed my first full year of business, including two major client projects, along with a few other smaller room designs and installations.
  • I designed, commissioned and oversaw the installation of a luxury bespoke kitchen - a nerve-wracking but exciting first!
  • I oversaw the styling of two project photoshoots, my absolute favourite part of the job - seeing all the hard work and design decisions coming together and looking beautiful.  I feel so lucky to have been introduced early on in my interior design career to the super-talented stylist Hannah Bullivant and photographer Kristy Noble; working with them is always a joy.
  • I massively broadened my network of suppliers and made lots of new friends and contacts at London Design Week.
  • I finally published my website, including this journal section which is a major leap for me, to write down things I think for other people to read - scary!
  • We moved from a big house to a small apartment which on paper makes no sense at all but in fact was the perfect move for us: an open-plan space full of character in an area we love.
  • We took ourselves to India and loved the light, the colour, the warmth of the sea, the days spent running around on the beach.. many cherished memories.
  • I learned to meditate which helps me to feel calmer and more sorted every day.
  • I visited the Calais Kitchens courtesy of Help Refugees and felt pathetically grateful for everything I have.
  • Arlo started school! MASSIVE change for us all. Desperately sad to have less time with my boy, also excited to be almost full time working again and brimming with ideas for my business.
  • I had one of my projects written about and published on Houzz. Was overwhelmed and elated by the lovely comments, the opportunities that have come in and the meetings I’ve had.
  • I felt like an imposter many many times but took lots of deep breaths, kept going, and learned that I can actually do this. 

So there it is and here's to the next year :)