It’s been 6 months since we moved from a 5-bed house to a 3-bed apartment and so far so great.  Granted, it took A LOT of preparation.  Carload after carload of unused stuff was taken to the charity shop.  Arguments over how much baking equipment I could keep versus how many books J should give away simmered on for weeks.  We snuck toys out of the house the minute A’s back was turned then flushed with guilt when he asked where they’d gone.

But it was worth it.  Every day we walk out on to the street and pinch ourselves with excitement that we live in the area we’ve loved for so long.  We no longer have a garden but we’re a stones throw from the park, which means A gets to ride his bike and run around so much more than he did before.  We brought our two olive trees, which we’ve had since our wedding day in 2005, and we love and care for them so much more than we ever looked after our flowerbeds.  And turns out they're happier being indoors! 

The feeling of being unburdened by stuff is incredibly freeing.  And it’s pleasing to know that everything in our home is very much used and loved. No clutter, no old boxes of stuff shoved in cupboards, no drawerfuls of gadgets we never use.  

And we’re afforded a completely different approach to the interior design.  Not having the budget to buy all the things we would’ve liked for our old house, we largely made do with family hand-me-downs.  Which we were immensely grateful for, and delighted to be able to keep in use, but they weren’t always what we would’ve selected given the choice.  Now we’re in a much smaller space, there’s much less stuff required, and we’re able to really consider what we want. We’re still working on plans for the kitchen and bathroom but having to only buy one bathroom sink for example means we can spend a bit more on something we really love, rather than being held back by budget. 

I worried that we would be living on top of each other and driving each other mad but it’s amazing how adaptable we humans are.  In fact I can honestly say that we don't miss our old house at all.  

To anyone thinking of downsizing, I say do it.  Location is everything.