Yesterday I finally made it to the Josef Frank exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum in Bermondsey and what an amazingly colourful, optimistic and inspiring display it is.

Josef Frank (1885-1967) was born in Austria but moved to Sweden and, in designing for homeware and interiors company Svenskt Tenn, became one of Sweden's most influential designers.  In the 1930s and 40s, he produced some 160 textile prints for the company, as well as designs for furniture, glassware and lighting. 

In contrast to the harshness of the interwar period and the Second World War, Frank created surreal and wonderful worlds full of beautiful birds, colourful butterflies, tropical flowers and weaving branches.  With large patterns and bold colours, many of the fabrics have a very modern feel, despite being designed many decades ago.  

As an exhibition, it's incredibly accessible - you can run your hand over the fabrics, sit on several upholstered pieces of furniture and take as many photos as you like. 

Basically it's one of the most fun and uplifting things I've seen in ages, I thoroughly recommend it (it's on until May 7th).